Our Mission

To bring beautiful lighting to every home through fair pricing and commitment to our customers

Our Bright Idea

Nobel Decor began with a simple conviction: Beautiful modern lighting inexpensive. For years, we watched middle men and retailers profit from massive markups, putting designer lighting out of reach for most consumers.

We’re changing all that, bringing modern lighting products directly from manufacturers to customers – for an affordable price. That means you pay a fair price for a high-quality product, without the premiums and fees charged by other sellers.

Founded in New York, Nobel Decor employs a worldwide supply chain to source the latest designer lighting styles at affordable prices.

There’s no better proof of our methods than our products and prices. Every day, our customers are stunned by the variety and affordability of our styles. Explore our selection today to see how our commonsense approach could save you hundreds.

Our Values

Keeping Prices Low Means Keeping Standards High

Quality: Poorly made products don’t deserve a place in your home. Our lighting fixtures are manufactured with exacting standards and assessed with the same criteria used by luxury retailers. For us, cutting costs never means compromising on quality.

Transparency: We know exactly how our products are made and how much they’re truly worth. Because we’re honest about our production and sourcing methods, you do too.

Accountability: When you buy a Lacey Lighting product, expect nothing less than total satisfaction. If your fixture falls short of perfection for any reason, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

Affordability: In our view, offering the lowest price possible is our commitment to customers. If you ever buy a fixture from us then find it selling for less elsewhere, we’ll pay you the difference – plus 10 percent for your trouble.